TV & Film

The LHRA and its members have been providing reenactors, period vehicles and displays to TV and Film projects for many years. 

Major Motion Picture Studios work with our members in producing there films, some have included:  “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise,  “Normandy”,  “Flags of our Fathers”, and many others.  TV projects include:  “The History Channel”, “The Military Channel” and many others as well.  Our members also provide Period Vehicles from WWI to the Vietnam war.  Many of our members vehicles are WWII,  Allied and Axis.

The LHRA and its members have been seen on many local news channels, as well as featured in local programming. 

Many of our members also set up displays at local schools as well as colleges and give talks about Military History.   If your looking for “extras” for Major Motion picture projects, TV projects our even talks at a local school, then the LHRA can help you out!

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