Welcome to the LHRA Classifieds section!

This section of the web site is for LHRA members only. Members can list items they wish to sell to other LHRA members.  You can list items for sale that you have; these can be uniforms, gear, weapons and even vehicles. Each member is responsible for his or her entry and the rules must be read concerning the LHRA’s policies. Weapons must follow all State and Federal laws.

All listings must be approved before they can be viewed, this normally takes a day or two.  Email jdc3@crabtreeusa.com  with your ad.

Your listing needs to have all current information in it, please provide your email address or phone number if you choose, a brief description of what you have for sale, and price.  Please included any shipping fees as well.  The LHRA is not involved in the contacts or the sale. The listing will remain for 6 months time before deletion, you can re-list after this time.