To be considered a unit within the LHRA, a unit must have at least 5 paid members,  less than five (5) members will be considered a “Probationary unit forming”   See below for Unit/Charter application information.

WWII Allied Units

United States

First Special Service Forces, 1st Regiment, 3rd Company

2nd Armored Division, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment and 48th Arm. Medical Battalion

2nd Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Regiment, Able Company

US GI Army Infantry Group

Located in the midwest, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Unit Commander – Bill Creswell   Email Contact     Facebook page

Combat Command B (CCB) 3rd Armored Division

Unit Commander – Alan Jones   EMAIL

3rd Infantry Division, 15th Infantry Regiment, Baker Company

Our mission is to bring the history of World War Two to life with public displays, simulated battles, participation in parades, and a variety of other community activities.

5th Infantry Division, 10th Infantry Regiment, Anti-tank Company

WWII US Army Infantry Unit

Unit Commander: Lt. Keith Owano Email

5th Ranger Battalion, Easy Company

9th Infantry Division, Military Police Group


contact: Greg Mckinney , email

10th Mountain Division, 87th Infantry Regiment, 10th Recon

14th Armored Division

28th Infantry Division, 110th Infantry Regiment, Baker Company

Unit contact: Ryan Taylor email

36th Infantry Division

82nd Airborne Division “All American”

505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Easy Company

Unit Commander – Dave Weakley

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Regimental HQ, Demolitions Platoon

101st Airborne Division “Screamin’ Eagles”

101st Airborne Division MP Platoon

Unit C/O: Bill Matayosian

Unit contact: Ralph Mieszala email

501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, Able Company, 1st Battalion

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, Baker Company

US ETO Airborne Impression, 101st Airborne Division, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, B Company

Unit CO: Vito Abbinante Contact info: Phone #630-779-3261, email Website: Coming soon

326th Airborne Medical Company

US ETO Airborne Medical Impression

Unit CO Dawn Morgan-Abbinante

1st battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st ABN

Located in the midwest, Illinois, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Also portrays 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne for Vietnam War displays and events.

WWII Unit Facebook page

WWII Unit Website

Vietnam War unit Facebook Page

Unit Commander – Ryan Taylor contact

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Dog Company

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, H Company “40 Thieves”

Located in Colorado

Unit Commander – Alexander Fulle email

Unit Website    Facebook page

216th Military Police Company

701st Tank Battalion

741st Tank Destroyer Battalion, Recon Company

United States Maritime Service

USN “Crackerjacks”

Eastern Front

8th Guards Mechanized Corps


40th Guard Rifle Division

12th Polish Lancers


2nd SAS

5th Battalion Coldstream Guard

2 Battalion Oxf & Bucks

HQ Troop 1st Airborne Recce Squadron

3rd Infantry Division, 17th Duke of York Royal Hussars, 62 LAD RCEME  

Canadian Army Unit, ETO Impression

Unit CO Joseph Crabtree email

Allied Homefront/Civilian

The American Homefront – WWII

The American Homefront- WWII is a family organization within the reenactment community. Our goal is to honor and thank the veterans of all wars while acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices made by all Americans during WWII. Our group focuses on the telling the story of life at home, a story that brought our nation together in the early 1940s.

Unit leader: Daryl O’Leary, email

Facebook page

WWII Axis Units


152nd (Mot) Feldgendarme Truppe 1st Ski-Jager Division

First formed in 1943 as a brigade and elevated to divisional status in 1944.  Fought on the front with Army Group Centre.

Any divisional impression is welcome. We are based out of Springfield, MO

3. Gebirgs Div. – I./G.J.R. 139/ 5.Kp

In 1938, the 3rd Gebirgsjäger Division was formed following the Anschluss of Austria. They fought in Norway, The Eastern Front, surrendering in Sllesia 1945.


250th Feldgendarmerie Truppe

We are a group portraying a Field Police section of the Spanish Blue division serving on the Eastern Front. We are located in the SW Missouri area.

3rd Pionier Abt, 3rd Infantrie Division

Unit portrays a Germen Engineer (Pioneir) unit during WWII.

Unit commander: Dave Gordy   email

Unit website link    

4th Gebirgsjager Division

352nd Infantry Division  916th Grenadier Regiment

Feldgendarmerietrupp 353nd

Commander/Point of contact: Ken Boynton email

2 kompanie/Panzergrenadier Regiment Grossdeutschlandrd Infantrie Division

1 Kompanie/Jager Battalion GD

71st Infantry Division

Unit history: 

The German 71st Infantry Division Kleeblatt (“Cloverleaf”) was raised in August 1939. It served garrison duty on the West Wall until May 1940, and then joined in the invasion of France. Occupation duty of France and Luxembourg until September. From October 1940 through January 1941 the division served as a demonstration unit. Operation Barbarossa in June 1941. In the fall it withdrew to Belgium for rest, and then once more served as a demonstration unit from November 1941 through April 1942. Back to Russia, lost at Stalingrad. Reconstituted, then Italy 43-44. Surrendered to the British in Austria.

Website address:

Unit Commander:  Doug Hellwig

209th Panzer Pioneer Battalion

Unit CO: Jake Durban 920-905-0111

Jager Regiment 25 / 42nd Jager Division

MTO German division serving in in the MTO 1943-45, formerly the 187th Infantry Division

Infantrie-Regiment 19, 7. Infantrie-Division


1st SS Panzer Division LAH “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”

9th SS Panzer Division “Hohenstaufen”

6th SS Gebirgsjager Division “Nord”

Unit Website: Located in Indiana and Ohio

Unit portrays the SS Nord during the Gebirgjager years 1942-1945.  SS “Nord” was formed in Norway in 1941, and fought in the worst possible conditions; in cold, wet swampland and well above the Arctic Circle. SS Nord fought on both the Eastern and Western fronts, so this gives our unit the option of attending events based on either.

10th SS Panzer Division “Frundsberg” 2 Kompanie, 1st BN 22nd Panzer Grenadier Regiment

4th Gebirgsjager Division

352nd Infantry Division  916th Grenadier Regiment

2 kompanie/Panzergrenadier Regiment Grossdeutschlandrd Infantrie Division

17th SS Panzergrenadier Division “Gotz Von Berlichingen”

Unit CO: Jake Durban


Fallschirmjager Regiment 3, Kompanie 2

3rd Fallschirmjager Division, Regiment 5

Based in Eastern Wisconsin




Instrgram:  3rd_fallschirmjager_division

Vietnam War/US Allied Units

Bravo Company 2/27 Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Divison

Unit website:

Unit CO: Zak Christensen email

Bravo Company 2/327 Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Divison

Delta Company 3/187 Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Divison

Unit is located in Illinois and Wisconsin and portrays the men of Delta Company from 1967-1972

Unit C/O: Eric Percy email

Unit facebook page

502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

Unit C/O:  Ronald J Kapustka, CPT   email:

We portray the 502nd Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, which served in Vietnam from July, 1965 through February, 1972.  The Deuce served in An Khe, Dak To, Chu Lai, Bien Hoa, the Tet Offensive, Hue, the coastal lowlands in the Thua Thlen province, the A Shau Valley, LAM SON 720, Firebase Ripcord and was the last Army Division to leave South Vietnam. The 101st Airborne spent almost 7 years in combat in South Vietnam, participating in 15 campaigns and 45 operations.     


New LHRA units will be required to maintain a good relation with the LHRA, for a period of six (6) months. Then after review, the unit will be considered for permanent unit membership. New units must maintain a solid standing within the LHRA, and follow all rules and regulations posted.

New units with less then  five (5) members will be considered a unit forming, and will have a period of 12 months to achieve 5 or more members before permanent unit status will be given.

Please email the following information to:

Once all the information has been received and reviewed, your unit application will be processed for an interm period of 6 months. After this period, and your unit will be then reviewed for permanent unit membership.

New LHRA Unit/Charter Application Requirements:

  • Unit Name ie; Division, Regiment, Company etc
  • Unit Commanders name and Information
  • Complete Unit Roster: Members Names, address, phone number, email address
  • Members:

A minimum of 5 members is required for a new unit. At present, we will take into consideration any new unit with less then five members, this will be a “Unit forming” for a period of 12 months. We understand new members take time, (please inquire).

The unit commander will be required to have an LHRA membership at all times to maintain the franchise name. All unit members must have LHRA membership Unit members can also be members of other LHRA units as well, you will need to list your primary unit first, then a secondary unit as well if needed.

  • A copy of your unit’s bylaws for safety and authenticity.
  • A Unit or Division history that you are portraying. Timelines, personalities if any, campaigns the unit fought in etc.
  • Vehicle and heavy weapon (If any) information for your unit
  • Secondary unit if needed